The Wolf Treaty

Defend the Sacred

In its relentless war on the sacred and destructive campaign to further disenfranchise Indigenous people and sovereign Tribal Nations, the Trump Administration is attempting to remove Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections from all of the surviving 6,000 wolves in the contiguous United States. Since 2011, in three states alone - Wyoming, Montana and Idaho - state "management" has resulted in the trophy killing and trapping of 3,500 wolves. The wolf is functionally extinct in 90% of its historic range. If the Trump Administration achieves its objective, "functionally" will be removed from the previous statement leaving only "extinct." In defense of the wolf, and due to the immense cultural significance the wolf has for a multitude of indigenous cultures, organizations representing some 200 tribes submitted official communications to the Trump Administration opposing its proposed "delisting" of the wolf from the ESA. The movement to preserve and protect the wolf, and in turn the sacred lands the wolf occupies, led to the formation of the Wolf Treaty.

"Given the cultural significance of the wolf, this treaty is now symbolic of the struggle to protect our rights and cultures, our sacred lands and waters, and the sacred beings that infuse and inhabit them. From the wolf in the mountains to the humpback in the oceans, we will not permit their decimation just to fill the corporate trough of Trump’s enablers. After 243-years, this pattern of greed and deceit must end. This Wolf Treaty is our red line. It should become the red line for all who want to save Endangered and Threatened species."
- Tom Rodgers, President (Acting), Global Indigenous Council. 

Defend the Sacred

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