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About the Global Indigenous Council

GIC’s founding comes from a recognition that, in the current political climate, it is imperative that an indigenous advocacy organization exists that is free from federal political influence, and will instead hold federal government cabinet secretaries, agency secretaries, members of congress and corresponding parliamentary members accountable for their actions and policies - not honor them simply for attending tribal conferences.


The prevailing bureaucratic paradigm is failing to address the critical issues facing tribal nations and their citizens. By contrast, a foundational tenet of GIC is to organize around the geopolitical structures and criteria formulated by our ancestors, before the imposition of foreign borders that severed our kinship, economic and cultural relationships with our sister indigenous nations in the four directions.

History of the organization:  United Native Nations (UNN) was established by a resolution of the Great Plains Tribal Chairmans Association (GPTCA). The GPTCA appointed former Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Chairman, Brandon Sazue, president of UNN.

The Global Indigenous Council was subsequently organized to support the mission of the UNN and officially established under the framework of an LLC. 


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