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Re-elect  CHief Judy Wilson

            Re-elect Chief Judy Wilson

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19th Generation Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipeof the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Oyate.

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The Earth’s Challenge is Our Challenge


Our ancestors’ prophesies warned us that future generations of our people would arrive at a crossroads, and our actions would either preserve our Mother Earth or contribute to Her demise. We are at that crossroads. It is called climate change. We have experienced this devastation in our community, the toll from raging wildfires. We see the impacts of it on the land, in the rivers, in the air we breathe. It manifests in us, in the bear, the salmon, and the eagle. During my current term in office, I have done everything in my power to give our people a voice at this critical time, to be heard on this existential crisis. I have travelled many miles to do this, to ensure that you, our Band members, were represented and heard. Now, my intention is to implement our strategies on our Nation. My priority is to defend and protect our homeland. We can take the direction at this crossroads for humanity and the Earth. I have initiated clean energy projects on our Nation that will support our economy, provide employment, and protect our environment. If you permit me the honour of serving you for another term, I will ensure that that these initiatives serve everybody in our community.

The earth's Challenge is Our Challenge

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2023 ELECTION MANIFESTO - Chief Judy Wilson (nee Manuel).

Hearing Your Voices, Addressing Your Concerns


For all our Band members who have welcomed me into their homes and taken the time to meet with me, I thank you.


There is an old saying, that all politics is local, and I agree with that. I have committed much to ensuring that our Nation has had a seat at the table nationally and internationally to elevate our concerns and to bring that knowledge back to our community, but my focus is now here, at home, to provide economic stability, sustainable housing, economic growth, and opportunities that are aligned with our traditional values.


Communication is paramount, and keeping you, our Band members, informed is essential. Likewise, you must have the opportunity to easily and conveniently express to Chief and Council your perspectives and ideas. I propose to completely overhaul our Band communications. We will no longer rely on an ineffective Facebook page or mailers that people don’t receive in a timely manner. To improve one-on-one communication on a daily basis, I will seek to negotiate a favourable contract with a network that provides the opportunity for all Band members to have improved access to cellular communications, emergency broadcasts and notifications.

Hearing your voices, addressing your concerns

Better Communication, Improved Safety


With the ability to provide our Band members with cell phones, we can increase safety on our reserve. Help will be a phone call away, and our first responders will become rapid responders with greater investment and training. A safe and healthy community is paramount. Nobody in our community should have to live in daily fear from drug dealers, the tragedy of addiction, overdoses, and the violence that results from it. I propose a zero tolerance toward those charged and convicted of drug dealing. Drug dealers from outside of our community who prey upon our people will be apprehended and banished under our traditional laws. Addressing this scourge takes us all, working together, as our people did in the days of our ancestors. With that as our guiding principle, I will work to provide families with the support and educational tools necessary to address these issues in the home, within the family unit. Let us protect our children and Elders in the home, not leave them vulnerable to predators on the street.

Better Communication, Improved Safety

Cooperation Brings Solutions


We won’t agree on everything, but we can disagree without being disagreeable. We do not have to become enemies or engage in lateral violence. Let us speak, put our minds together, and see what common ground we can find for our children, youth and Elders to walk upon. With our Secwépemc culture, language and knowledge as our guides, let us address these issues together. From speaking with you, our band member, these are consensus priority issues I will address with you:

  • Housing is critical, it is not acceptable for families to not have any other choices but live in condemned houses due to shortage of homes. Many homes are overcrowded. Renovations are not able to cover all the needs and are limited.


  • Administration is not aligned to all members needs or accessible and are biased to some families in need. Members are not included or feel part of the programs and services and members would like to be the ones delivering or contracting and leading the events or activities not always department, in-house or Council led. 


  • Off reserve members are interested in more community meetings in the urban areas, for input and direction. While the recent sessions held in 2022 were informative in-depth housing, administration, skills/training & jobs and Council updates are needed. Off reserve projects, events and activities for members are needed to participate in.


  • Coordinated skills, training and job placement for community on and off reserve is needed especially permanent jobs to support families. Many members hear about upcoming opportunities too late or after they are completed. 

  • The Band cannot rely on only programs and services. I have initiated economic revenue streams for the Band with renewable energy projects, but more is needed. I will prioritize revenue sharing for all eligible Band members on returns from community investment and projects that these monies fund. We must seek longevity, not short-term work projects that provide temporary jobs.

Cooperation Brings Solutions

Moving Forward Together

Moving Forward Together


The Band cannot just rely on programs and limited-service options. I have initiated economic revenue streams for the Band with renewable energy projects, but more is needed. I will prioritize revenue sharing for all eligible Band members on returns from community investment and projects that these monies fund. We must seek longevity, not short-term work projects that provide temporary jobs.


  • Ensure ALL voices are included in a free prior informed consent processes for community decisions especially about lands and resources. Form a band policy for these processes with members. Include one to one member, household, and community sessions. Ensure opportunity for members input into Comprehensive Community Plan and Administration and Council Plans.


  • Community-based safety, health, and well-being charter in Secwépemc laws, values and principles for members and families to mandate Chief & Council and administration, and a task force to address the illicit drugs, overdoses and violence for coordinated efforts with the families, community, band office, Council and agencies other authorities.


  • Coordinated support for Cultural, Knowledge, Language Teachers to provide more classes, family-based learning, community events and activities at all levels within the community. The ceremonies and cultural knowledge have been what I rely on as a leader and is an important foundation to all I do at all levels, and I acknowledge and thank those that work tirelessly to teach and live their lives in this way.


  • Community-based housing strategy and planning, for members input and direction, needs to be more inclusive not only the Housing Committee, Band Housing Department, Administration and Council, and other departments need to be included. New housing applications have been submitted for those that are on the housing list and there is construction planned for 2023. There is a long housing wait list and additional housing opportunities to resolve this is in progress. In addition, energy and heating solutions funding applications have been made and engagement with community is planned for input and direction to address costly utilities. Housing for homelessness has also been included and additional funds are being sought. Numerous housing renovations have been made, more funding applications have been made and issues with current Reno’s are continuing t be addressed. 

  • Reach out to urban members for input to the Comprehensive Community Plan is planned and at that time can discuss what other relevant meetings or sessions, event or activities they would like to see in 2023 and the future. Including urban joint sessions with other Secwépemc communities and organizations who have expressed interest as they heard about the Neskonlith engagement with its members in Vancouver.


  • Restructure and re-organizing the band administration to address gaps in administration; include safety & wellness workers for the illicit drugs, overdoses & violence to work full time on these issues with Council, administration, families, community and the local bands, agents, and various authorities. And develop a central a position for Skills, Training & Job Placement to support members. Further support to Culture, Language & Knowledge teachers not only within separate departments but all department and within the community. Form a communications position that is not department or administration based to ensure members are informed and can share members news with the community. Ensure all departments are re-structured to members needs based services and programs.


  • For greater understanding of national and provincial Indigenous issues, although monthly Chiefs reports to the community are made, there are many leaders that have expressed interest in meeting with our community and these will be scheduled for 2023 and reach out to members to see who they would like to invite to our community. A few members offered to share their expertise & knowledge within the community as well. And although community session on these issues such as Children & Family Jurisdiction, Education Jurisdiction, Title & Rights have been held in the past there can be better ways to capture the information to share with members who cannot attend these meetings. YouTube or podcasts can be made and posted. And one page info sheets can be prepared for households for members awareness.


  • Economic strategies have been done in the past, for greater input from community further Economic community-based sessions are needed. A band Economic Officer was recently hired and will be going out to the community to get more input from members. In addition, Economic fairs to meet existing companies and potential partners. Members expressed interest in a Neskonlith Business Innovation Centre and Network for awareness and support for their businesses and for those who are thinking of a new business startup. Economics must meet needs and Wild Salmon Initiative funds have been secured to engage members for input and direction for food security that has other opportunities for members and community. 

“Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children”


In closing, allow me to invoke the words of Sitting Bull:


“Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.”


Chief and Council have a role, but our Band office, and most especially our Band members have important roles, too. Together we define our self-determination for our children, grandchildren, and future generations. I am committed to you, our Band members and community in working on these issues and bringing opportunities and resources needed to advance these priorities. 

In CLosing

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