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Periodically, allegations are made against people who work in or with the Tribal community. Some arise from rumor and innuendo, some from a lack of clarity or misrepresentation in reports, some from genuine confusion, and some from tabloid sensationalism and worse.  It has come to my attention that I am now the subject of such, joining the likes of Suzan Shown Harjo (Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient), Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Sovereign Bodies Institute founder Annita Lucchesi, Johnny Depp, and hundreds of others on a so-called “list” that is described as being constructed from the “use of lateral violence, colonial trauma, and colonial recognition as weaponized structures.”  Should you have any interest in this gibberish, the central “claims” being made about me are addressed in the affidavits and statements that can be read in full on this page.

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Chief Wilson is Chief of the Neskonlith Indian Band (Skat’sin te Secwépemc) and is Secretary/Treasurer of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs (UBCIC). Chief Wilson has served in First Nations’ leadership for decades, and engaged with national and international leaders, UN secretaries and directors, and heads of state.
Statement of Tina Bierle (formerly Has The Eagle) Tina Bierle serves on Montana’s MMIP Task Force and is a co-producer of Somebody’s Daughter.
Statement of Loxie Lynn Loring Loxie Loring is the mother of MMIWG victim, Ashley Loring Heavy Runner.
Statement of Paula Castro Stops Paula Castro Stops is the mother of MMIWG victim, Henny Scott.

Re: Rain being a member of the Strange Owl/Shoulderblade family

Statement of Keith Shoulderblade Keith is a son of the late Northern Cheyenne Sun Dance Priest and Sacred Hat Keeper, Don Shoulderblade.
Statement of Ruthie Strange Owl-Shoulderblade Mrs. Shoulderblade is the widow of the late Northern Cheyenne Sun Dance Priest and Sacred Hat Keeper, Don Shoulderblade.

Re: Rain’s Roma heritage

“Rain is one of our great Roma authors.”  -  President Zoran Dimov, International Romani Union

Statement of Marja Eronen Marja Eronen is a researcher and sociologist who has worked with the Roma community for thirty years, including advancing Roma issues at the UN and in the EU.

Re: Rain serving on President Biden’s Indigenous Policy Committee (Justice Subcommittee), and being an adviser for Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Congressman Beto O’Rourke during their respective 2020 presidential campaigns

Biden MMIW pre-decisional committee document
Mayor Pete campaign communication
Congressman O’Rourke campaign communication

Consider the source!

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