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Somebody's Daughter

#SomebodysDaughter - MMIW Documentary

A new MMIW documentary will be previewed at a special screening at the Tucson Desert Art Museum, Tucson, Arizona on Jan 11th, 2020.

Space will be limited, please contact the museum directly on 520 202 3888. 

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Whether we carry the DNA of a tribe

or tribes from one or multiple hemispheres,  among all the ties that bind in the universal knowledge of Earth and the original dreams is, at the center, a compact with

the  sacred.

"Founded by a resolution of the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association, the Global Indigenous Council (GIC) has members from the Americas to Australasia. It has published a manifesto, provided testimony to the US Senate, contributed to the acclaimed documentary Remaking the Sacred Hoop, presented official declarations on behalf of 130 tribes to the State of Wyoming opposing its trophy hunt of the sacred grizzly bear, and has formulated a now operational ID card 'to provide primary tribal and sovereign status to tribes and those tribal people with no nation, state, territorial or provincial official identification of standing.'

As stated in founding GIC resolutions: 'Many tribes outside of North America do not have the legal standing afforded by treaties with colonial, nation-states. As a result, the sovereignty of those tribes is consistently threatened, and the rights of those tribal citizens are routinely undermined or ignored, due to a lack of documented legal status.'"  

The “Conscience of the US Congress,” Representative John Lewis, Takes Up Our MMIW Initiatives

Known as the “conscience of the US Congress,” Representative Lewis has committed to move forward with the MMIW legislative proposals submitted to members of the House and Senate by the alliance of the Global Indigenous Council, Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council and the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association. It is widely believed that these proposals will provide the basis to achieve meaningful, comprehensive legislation. Congressman Lewis has also backed our national MMIW billboard campaign and the forthcoming MMIW documentary, Somebody’s Daughter.







GIC Latest News

Vice President Joe Biden

Montana's Congressional Delegation - Senator Jon Tester, Rep. Greg Gianforte and Senator Steve Daines.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Congresswoman Deb Haaland

With the Blackfeet Nation, the Global Indigenous Council recently held the first-ever MMIW Tribunal in the US. The statements of 2020 Presidential candidates and Members of Congress for the tribunal and the continued work of the GIC-RMTLC-GPTCA alliance to secure meaningful legislation to address the MMIW tragedy can be read in full here.

“All of the progress we’ve made on this issue is because of you. You’ve demanded attention. You’ve fought for changes to the law, and you continue to fight for the authority to ensure justice and fairness for everyone in your nations. I am grateful for and inspired by your courage, and I look forward to continuing work on this vitally important issue.”

  Vice President Joe Biden, 2020 Presidential Candidate. 

“To address this problem, I realize that I cannot do it alone. I will work with tribal leaders and collaborate with community partners. My administration will collaborate with community organizations, such as the Global Indigenous Council, to lift up the years of organizing and advocacy, and raise the profile of the issue . . . Only by elevating this issue and putting resources to address it can we truly secure the safety of indigenous women and girls. When I am elected, you will have a strong ally in this fight in the White House.”

 Mayor Pete Buttigieg, 2020 Presidential Candidate.


“I am honored to provide full support of the Global Indigenous Council on the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women crisis. It is my privilege to support your national billboard campaign. With your help we continue to raise awareness so we can end the silence of this crisis!”

 Congresswoman Deb Haaland (D-NM).

“Policy that affects Native American communities must be shaped -- from start to finish -- by tribal leaders who remain on the front lines of critical issues. That is why I stand by the tireless work done by the tribal alliance of the Global Indigenous Council, the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council, and the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association. The tribal alliance has boldly forged a path to positive legislative change on Capitol Hill, which crucially includes passing widely supported bipartisan amendments that make Savanna’s Act more effective.”

Tom Steyer, 2020 Presidential Candidate.

"It is so important for tribal leaders to bring these critical issues to Washington, DC. As Members of Congress committed to these issues, we need indigenous people to be visible in Washington, DC to help us do our part to repair the historic oppression of indigenous communities. There is no justice, like there is no combating climate change, without addressing what has happened to indigenous communities."  

 Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

Bernie Sanders - The senator's revolutio
Wendsler Nosie Srx.jpg

Chi’chil Bildagoteel, Oak Flat near the San Carlos Apache Nation, is holy land to the Apaches. A mining company wants to blow a two-mile-wide hole in it.  “They’re going to murder this place,” warns Wendsler Nosie, Sr.  Read about it in this Huff Post article 

Hear Wendsler's words on our videos page

Ambassaor Cathy Russell.jpg

“Who do we turn to?” was the question I heard from the families of missing and murdered Indigenous women. For centuries Indigenous women have disappeared and been killed — destroying families, and tearing at the fabric of communities. This epidemic is not new and the list of missing women grows longer each year. Read more

Chairman Gerald Gray, Little Shell Tribe

The Global Indigenous Council continues to be on the forefront of Defending the Sacred with the Wolf Treaty, support for preserving the Endangered Species Act, and introducing a Native American Endangered Species Act (NA-ESA).

Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director of the

Indigenous Environmental Network,

signs the Wolf Treaty at the

2019 Bioneers Conference.

Tester Considers Introducing Stand Alone MMIW Legislation Based Upon GIC-RMTLC-GPTCA Recommendations - - The Reduce, Return and Recover Act
Read about it here

Ponca Councilwoman Casey


To the White Earth  people, manoomin isn’t just a resource to be used — it’s an independent entity with the right “to exist, flourish, regenerate and evolve.” Tribes, and even some cities also are embracing the idea that Mother Nature has legal rights — setting the stage for court battles that could shake governments, businesses and the environmental movement.

Tribal Nations still waiting for US Board of Geographic Names and the National Park Service to change the names of a war criminal and a white supremacist in Yellowstone, sacred land to 26 tribes.

House Natural Resources Chairman Raul Grijalva weighs in.

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